Golf In The Beautiful Mountains Of West Virginia

golfPerhaps John Denver had it right after all, “Almost Heaven….” He may have even, as an avid golfer, tweaked the song Country Roads to “take me to the courses…”.

Perhaps the real tone is set when one sees the spectacular Alleghany Mountains. The hills and the forests along with the raging rivers across the landscape make for a gorgeous scenic golfing trip.

While the golf courses here may not be marketed as easy, they are less than two hours from most of the resorts. This beautiful scenic trip through the countryside is a one of a kind experience that no one should miss in their lifetime.

Designers such as Palmer, Nicklaus and so on have all taken advantage of this gorgeous canvas with flowing rivers and unique valley’s and twisted mountains that all are so picturesque that you’re nearly distracted.

Simply start out in Southern West Virginia at the Greenbrier Valley. Stop in at Glade Springs and look at the three solid tracks. Cobb, Woodhaven, and Stonehaven. George Cobb is who Cobb is named after. He created the par 3 when at Augusta National as well as Quail Hollow located in Charlotte. In 1972, this course was built and features excellent bump and run greens. Elevated tees and rolling terrain with ponds top it all off scenically.

Glade Springs is a location for the entire family, even the nongolfers. Here the family can enjoy the swimming pools and spa while you’re out golfing. Or maybe they’d prefer the ten bowling alley’s or the tennis or racquetball courts. There’s still the movie theater and other activities to round it out. Outside they can enjoy fishing, hiking and caving as well as biking or even the Equestrian Center. There’s something for everyone here.

If you drive East, you’ll come to White Sulphur Springs. Here they played the old White TPC at Greenbrier. Sam Snead sparred with other notable guests here and just about anyone else who would take a bet. The elevated perch lets you tee off just like the legends including President Eisenhower and others who came before you. Picture yourself teeing off where famous legends have, and you must try this course.

golf clubsCharles Blair Macdonald designed the gorgeous fairways and even the diabolical greens such as #3. This three par has a huge svale that runs right through the center of it.

At another track in Greenbrier, the course has been hosted by the Ryder Cup as well as the Solheim Cup. Constructed in 1924, Seth Reynor created it and then it was redesigned by Jack Nicklaus.

You can drive north into the famous Appalachians next. Up the twisty windy roads, you’ll cut right through rock and pines to reach the top of the famous Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Here you’ll see scenic views of mountains and valley’s right off of your condo balcony. You’ll also see the fairways of the Raven Golf Course. Gary Player designed the track. Holes are routed and go through the fairway right into the wild wilderness. A few of the elevations can change from up to 200 feet from the greens to the tee.

Raven also has a famous collection of par 5s such as the #17 hole. It rolls over a wide brush-filled ravine. You’ll enjoy vistas of the West Virginia countryside as well. You can settle into the comfy condos right on the edge of the Snowshoe Village.

For your last stop, try Stonewall Resort in Roanoke. Situated on 1900 acres of the state park by Stonewall Jackson Lake. You’ll note that Arnold Palmer created this through wetlands as well as hills and water and forest. Elevated tees grace several holes including #13 which is a 450 par of 4.

Ravines play into it from the get-go and you’re sure to appreciate the first hole where you’ll have to decide if you want to lay up or land in the hazard that runs through the front of the green.

Enjoying The Outdoor Scene In West Virginia With A Road Bike

image of road bike trails in west virginiaRoad biking has caught on lately for different reasons. There are those who have delved into cycling as a means of keeping fit while are those who prefer to use their bikes as a means to move around. Whatever the reason one gets on their bikes, they will attest to the fun that comes with cycling.

Why Riding A Road Bike Is Fun

Road biking offers one of the easiest ways of keeping fit while enjoying nature and more often than enjoying the company of friends. Road biking is among the many West Virginia outdoor activities that facilitates bonding among friends while according the bikers and opportunity to be one with nature.

One of my close friends, Rovo Johnson, first started riding bikes here in West Virginia. He has become a cycling fanatic and finally started his own website where he shares his thoughts. For great bike reviews (particularly road bikes), check out his site at

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Great Things to Do In West Virginia

image of fun things in west virginiaSurrounded by several states, West Virginia is located in the Appalachia region of the United States. The state was created by separating itself from Virginia during the Civil War. It’s the only state in U.S. history that was created by breaking off from a Confederate state. In a sense, West Virginia has some interesting historical facts on the way it was formed.

West Virginia is important for its logging, coal mining, labor, political history, rich ecology, and mountain settings. It’s one of the many recommended tourist locations in the country thanks to its lush forest, rugged mountains, scenic landscapes, and outdoor activities.

Art centers, shopping establishments, museums, parks, restaurants, and breathtaking natural beauty have made it one of the known tourist centers in the U.S.

Cultural and Historical Legacy

One primary attraction in West Virginia lies in its ability to show off its cultural and history legacy. Its city, Charleston, is a place where varying art and cultural centers are seen. These establishments play a significant role in showing the best of culture and arts in the state.

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Rafting the New & Gauley Rivers: Fun In West Virgina

image of rafting in west virginiaAny adventure lover would want a memorable vacation. Anyone who desires an awesome time outdoors will love what the New and Gauley Rivers in West Virginia has to offer. There are a plethora of outdoor activities that can be done in the area including hiking, camping, rock climbing, and bungee jumping. At present, whitewater rafting is still the most popular.

River Characteristics and Rafting Experience

The New and Gauley Rivers are considered to be some of the biggest and powerful in the country. They have both have advantages and drawbacks for rafters. There are specific times of the year when the rivers are calmer and other instances when rafting can pose great danger. Being knowledgeable when these seasons are and your ability to raft is essential to know when you want to start rafting.

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Things to Do in Morgantown, WV

Morgantown is a city situated within Monongalia Country, West Virginia. Located along the Monongahela River banks, it’s the biggest city in north-central West Virginia. It also happens to be the base of the West Virginia’s Metropolitan Statistical Area.

At present, it has a resident population of over 30,000, including a few thousand more for individuals working and/or studying in West Virginia University. These seasonal residents tend to occupy the city and its surrounding areas starting from September through May. Morgantown is widely known for its modern Personal Rapid Transit System and prestigious West Virginia University.

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